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All operations related stuff.

Advanced MySQL Enterprise Training

If you are already familiar with MySQL and you are challenged to operate a serious MySQL Enterprise infrastructure this training is the right one for you.


You are familiar with the MySQL basics and have already some experience with MySQL operations. The SQL language does not look strange to you any more. Further you are familiar with the Linux console and rule the most important UNIX commands.


Galera Load Balancer the underestimated wallflower

There are some pretty sophisticated Load Balancers for Galera Clusters setups out in the market (ProxySQL, MaxScale, HAproxy, ...). They have many different exotic features. You can nearly do everything with them. But this comes at the cost of complexity. Non of them is simple any more.

FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB 0.3 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 0.3 of the FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB.

The FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB (focmm) is an application for DBA's and system administrators to manage MySQL and MariaDB database farms.

The main task of Ops Center is to support you in your daily MySQL and MariaDB operation tasks.

Download FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB (focmm)

FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB (focmm)

The FromDual Ops Center for MySQL, Galera Cluster, MariaDB and Percona Server helps you to operate your complex MySQL database set-ups with and easy to use Web-GUI. Master/Slave, Master/Master, VIP fail-over, etc. is possible.


FromDual: Tools for MySQL and Galera - Backup - Monitoring - Operations

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

FromDual tools provide valuable additional functionality which facilitate and optimize daily operations of your MySQL databases. Since our last newsletter a lot of things have changed in the FromDual tools.

FromDual: Werkzeuge für MySQL und Galera - Backup - Überwachung - Betrieb

FromDual Tools bieten wertvolle ergänzende Funktionen, die den täglichen Betrieb von MySQL Datenbanken erleichtern und optimieren. Seit unserem letzten Newsletter hat sich einiges getan bei den FromDual Tools.

FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB (focmm)

The FromDual Ops Center for MySQL/MariaDB is a browser-based solution to operate your MySQL or MariaDB database server.

Important: For FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB 0.3 an newer please look here.


Advanced MySQL and MariaDB training

You are already familiar with the MySQL or MariaDB and you are challenged to operate a serious MySQL database. If this is the case this training is the right one for you.


Schulungstermine für MySQL Kurse 2013 in Deutschland

FromDual bietet auch im Jahr 2013 wieder intensive MySQL Schulungen für fortgeschrittene MySQL Anwender an.

Folgende deutschsprachigen Kurse sind geplant:

FromDual Remote-DBA Dienstleistungen

Was Sie erhalten

Mit unserer Remote-DBA Dienstleistung werden ihre regulären DBA-Arbeiten erledigt.


Remote-DBA Services for MySQL and MariaDB

What you get

With our remote-DBA Service you get your regular DBA work done.


What's going on when MySQL does operations on Partitions

Following question came up recently: What happens if you drop or add a partition of an existing already partitioned table with ALTER TABLE? Will it be copied or will just the single partition be dropped and added? How are the index(es) rebuild after such a drop/add?

In the MySQL documentation were not to many details mentioned:


Typical automated MySQL maintenance jobs, query cache

The following maintenance jobs are typically run against a MySQL database:

  • Backup
  • Clean-up binary logs
  • Optimize tables
  • Purge query cache
  • Rotate binary logs


A backup is not a typical maintenance job. But it behaves more or less like one. The backup should be done regularly depending on the restore/PITR (Point in Time Recovery) requirements.

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