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FromDual Tools for MySQL and MariaDB

Performance Monitor for MySQL (mpm)

The FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL (mpm) is a monitoring solution for MySQL, MySQL Cluster, Galera Cluster, Percona Server and MariaDB databases. The mpm can be downloaded from here.
It is based on the monitoring solution Zabbix.

The Performance Monitor for MySQL (mpm) supports the following Storage Engines:

  • MyISAM / Aria
  • InnoDB / XtraDB
  • NDB
  • PBXT

Further you can also monitor:

  • Master - Slave replication set-ups
  • Unix processes (mysqld, ndbd)
  • MySQL/Percona/MariaDB specific information
  • Galera Cluster for MySQL
  • MySQL Cluster

More details you can find here: Performance Monitor for MySQL.

Other tools

FromDual also provides some other tools:

3rd party tools for MySQL

Other 3rd party tools for MySQL you should consider are:


should be nice something with query cache (mariadb have it) in mariadb i sent some patchs, i don't know if they will be accepted as default, but it give many information about qcache, check the MDEV: the 10.0.2 patch have more information, 5.5.31 isn't updated