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FromDual DBA on Demand

What you get

With this service you get your regular DBA work done. The difference to our Remote-DBA Service is that our specialist come on-site to your location.

  • You get our MySQL DBA working for you on-site.
  • You can buy a certain amount of days of DBA work to be performed: The minimum amount is 5 consecutive days.
  • According to your business needs your standard database operation work is done on-site by our MySQL DBA's. This includes for example:
    • Setup and installation of your MySQL database servers.
    • MySQL Upgrades.
    • Database migration.
    • Move your services from one machine to an other.
    • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) of your data.
    • Query and report creation: So your reports deliver the data they should
    • Query tuning: To get best time from your hardware.
    • Backup and Restore Testing.
    • Load tests and benchmarking
    • Configuration and configuration tuning.
    • Failover and other system testing.
  • This work has to be coordinated and agreed with the Remote DBA team.

Why this product is interesting for you

  • You need a DBA on-site for a longer period.
  • You need more flexibility and have to reduce hiring costs of your own staff.
  • You want to know the people you are dealing with and work with them face to face.
  • You are handling sensitive data.
  • You need a tight face to face interaction with the person in charge.
  • You get your MySQL DBA resources when you need it in the amount you need it.
  • You get MySQL specialists which are familiar with the matter.
  • You have a gap in your MySQL staff (because of vacation, parental leave, sickness or because they left your company).
  • You need somebody to cover your night shifts and your staff is too small to do it themselves or is not allowed to do it because of legal restrictions.


If you are interested in our FromDual DBA on Demand Service for MySQL and MariaDB, please let us know and we get asap in contact with you!