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Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) for MariaDB and MySQL

How to test MySQL Monitoring as Service (MaaS) for free?

To get MaaS for MySQL follow these steps:

  • Request a MaaS trial service key. It will take up to 48 hours until you receive it. We only hand out trial service keys if your data are filled in correctly.
  • Download the Performance Monitor for MySQL.
  • Install the Performance Monitor for MySQL. The installation documentation is here.
  • Run the Performance Monitor for MySQL with the configuration file we provide you by e-mail.

What is Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)?

Typical monitoring solution as for example the MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Nagios/Icinga, Cacti, Munin, etc. consist more or less of 2 components:

  • A monitoring agent: This is a simple program that gathers the data and
  • a monitoring service or server: This is the one who collects the data from all agents and generates alerts and nice graphs out of it.

In our MySQL Monitoring as a Service approach the agent gathers performance data of your MySQL databases and sends it to our FromDual MaaS service.

With your web-browser you can access afterwards the collected data and see those performance graphs and get a picture of what is happening on your MySQL databases.

MySQL Performance Monitor as a Service

Why Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)?

In our numerous Performance Tuning consulting engagements we have seen that the majority of our customers has not put in place a performance monitoring solution or if they had one, those where not collecting the appropriate data for MySQL performance problems.

One of the reasons for no monitoring solution is, that setting-up a monitoring solution needs some time, resources and effort to plan, install and operate such a service. And what most of our customers lack is time!

Further monitoring services heavily need resources. Thus it is recommended to set-up an extra machine as a monitoring server. An extra machine, just for monitoring, what a wast of resources...

Monitoring as a Service in short because:

  1. It is inevitable to collect performance data.
  2. It is important to collect the right performance data.
  3. You safe a lot of time (for installing and maintaining the service).
  4. It is a waste of resources to sacrifice an extra machine for monitoring.

More information about the FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL you can find here or in our forums.