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Newsletter Summer 2011

Dear MySQL and MariaDB User,

With this Newsletter you receive the News about FromDual for Summer 2011.

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Basic- and Silver-Support for MySQL and MariaDB

End of last year Oracle/MySQL has dropped the low cost Basic- and Silver-Support contracts from their service portfolio. The official justification was: Minor demand from the customers.

Numerous MySQL users since then have inquired this Support offerings with FromDual. We can offer you now the following Support Services for MySQL:

  • Our Best Effort Support (BES) for EUR 990.-/year as an alternative to MySQL Basic and
  • Our Business Hour Support (5 x 9, BHS) for EUR 1'990.-/year as an alternative to MySQL Silver.

Naturally we offer you as well Support in the high-end range for MySQL and MariaDB with our All Day Long Support (ADLS, 7x16) and our All around the Clock Support (7 x 24, AatCS).

More information you will find at 24x7 Premium Support.

If you have any question about our Support Offerings please let us know by sending us an e-mail to the following address and we will contact you asap...

FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL with more InnoDB Graphs

In the middle of June FromDual has published its newest Release of its MySQL Performance Monitor. Because of many requests from our customers we have improved the InnoDB module and increased the number of InnoDB Graphs.

Some sample Graphs you can find at InnoDB Graphs for MySQL Performance Monitor.

Summer vacation without a MySQL DBA?

If your MySQL DBA is leaving you for its well-deserved summer holidays, you do not have to prohibit him his holidays anymore! We take-over his work during his summer vacation...

More information about our Remote-DBA services you will find on our website.

Upcoming Trainings and Workshops

  • On August 20 and 21 in St. Augustin (Germany) the FrOSCon 6 / 2011 is taking place. We will be present with our presentation MySQL Performance Tuning (in German). If you would like to know how we do Performance Tuning with our customers, come an visit us!
  • From August 15th to 17th we will have an Advanced MySQL Developer Workshop with Citrus in Helsinki. The workshop will be held in English.
  • At the /ch/open Workshop Days 2011 we will have on Thursday, September 15 our Workshop MySQL High-Availability with an active/passive Failover-Cluster. All those who were last year in the wrong Workshop have this year the chance to visit the right one...
  • On October 24 and 25 in the Linux-Hotel in Essen a MySQL Cluster course is taking place. You can apply directly at the Linux Hotel.

Technical Information

We have compiled the following interesting technical information for you:

If you have missed our presentations HA Architectures with MySQL or HandlerSocket and similar Technologies - NoSQL for MySQL at the DOAG SIG's you can find the slides as PDF at Presentations.

German speaking MySQL User Group (DMySQLAG) founded

Beginning of June the German speaking MySQL User Group (DMySQLAG) was founded.

This association advocates for:

  • the information of the use, the handling and the experience with MySQL and development in the MySQL Eco-System as well as systems which use MySQL.
  • the exchange of experience between MySQL users about MySQL and other systems.
  • the Advice and Cooperation with Oracle and vendors of other systems.
  • the submission of suggestions of the members to Oracle and vendors of other systems.

The intention of the German speaking MySQL User Group is to be a platform for MySQL User from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To get a high enough weight for Austria and Switzerland we hope for a high number of registrations of these two countries!

Member fee:

  • Students: free
  • Single-membership: EUR 100.-/a
  • Companies up to 500 employees: EUR 200.-/a
  • Companies above 500 employees: EUR 300.-/a

News about MySQL

  • In May 2011 MySQL has released version 5.5.13 and 5.5.14 and fixed many (about 50) bugs in InnoDB and Replication.
  • Several new releases for MySQL Cluster 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 are in the pipeline and will be possibly released in next few weeks.
  • MariaDB 5.2.6 and 5.2.7 were released in May and June.
  • Galera, a synchronous Multi-Master-Replication for MySQL advances with v0.8 in big steps to a stable release and seems to be production ready soon. It is worth to give this product a try!

If you want to stay tuned to our information, follow our Tweets on Twitter.

We would love to hear about your feedback.

Best Regards,

Your FromDual Team

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