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FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB 2.1.0 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 2.1.0 of its popular Database Performance Monitor for MariaDB and Galera Cluster fpmmm.

The FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB (fpmmm) enables DBAs and System Administrators to monitor and understand what is going on inside their MariaDB database instances and on the machines where the databases reside.

More detailed information you can find in the fpmmm Installation Guide.


The new FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB (fpmmm) can be downloaded from here or you can use our FromDual repositories. How to install and use fpmmm is documented in the fpmmm Installation Guide.

In the inconceivable case that you find a bug in the FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB please report it to the FromDual Bug-tracker or just send us an email.

Any feedback, statements and testimonials are welcome as well! Please send them to us.

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

You do not want to set-up your Database monitoring yourself? No problem: Choose our MariaDB Monitoring as a Service (Maas) program to safe time and costs!

Installation of Performance Monitor 2.1.0

A complete guide on how to install FromDual Performance Monitor you can find in the fpmmm Installation Guide.

Upgrade of fpmmm tarball from 1.x to 2.1.0

There are some changes in the configuration file (fpmmm.conf):

  • The access rights should be change as follows: chmod 600 /etc/fpmmm.conf
  • The key Methode was spelled wrong in the configuration file. It was renamed to Method.
  • The key PidFile is ambiguous which could lead to problems and bugs. Thus it was changed to either MyPidFile for fpmmm and DbPidFile for the database.

Upgrade with DEB/RPM packages should happen automatically. For tarballs follow this:

shell> cd /opt
shell> tar xf /download/fpmmm-2.1.0.tar.gz
shell> rm -f fpmmm
shell> ln -s fpmmm-2.1.0 fpmmm

Changes in FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB 2.1.0

This release contains new features and various bug fixes.

You can verify your current FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB version with the following command:

shell> /opt/fpmmm/bin/fpmmm --version


  • Comments and some more debugging information added.
  • All needed logging added for tracking down the problem of bad stat output.
  • New variables fixed.
  • Error messages improved.
  • Fix error output.
  • Version 10.11.1 was not split up correctly, fixed.
  • myEnv updated to fix bad MySQL detection on Ubuntu from repository.
  • Old database version error fixed if connection to API does not work.
  • Disable smart module by default to avoid error messages.
  • Removed /etc/fpmmm folder everywhere.
  • rc made unique, tests fixed.
  • Default path locations brought up to date.
  • DbPidFile location is new under /run.
  • All tests for MariaDB 10.11 passed.
  • CacheFileBase bug fixed.
  • FreeDSx/SNMP upgraded from 0.4 to 0.5.
  • DB connection handling improved and made more OO style.
  • Configuration file parser made more stable for syntax errors.
  • Error log logged to systemd message improved.
  • Option --version is now done before check options.
  • PHP requirement version specified.


  • Templates improved.
  • Link for triggers fixed.
  • Working period added to all graphs.
  • Zabbix 6 templates added to Makefile.
  • Zabbix 6.0 templates added (6.0.21) and renamed.


  • All variables from templates removed, test added for fpmmm MRRELEASE.
  • Fix MRRLEASE tag in fpmmm template fixed again.
  • Function writeDataToCache improved for tracking customer problems.
  • CacheFile is now protected with flock, this should resolve issues with lost brman items.
  • fpmmm version problem error message improved.
  • Disabled = True is not recognized correctly and no error was thrown. This is fixed now.
  • Messages were not handled correctly with SNMP output. This is fixed now.
  • mdstat message removed from error log.
  • Make error messages around sending data nicer.
  • apt-get/yum messages replaced by dnf/apt.
  • Error message made more clear if php-cli package is missing.


  • Trigger too many filesystem locks set from MULTIPLE to SINGLE, threshold increased from 10000 to 16384 (mariadb MaxNOFiles) and message improved.
  • Working time added to server graphs.
  • iostat items remove from server template.
  • Available disks are now reported with space in between.
  • Disk sda5 removed from template, network interfaces enp4s0f1 and bond0 added to template, disks vdb1 and md1 added to template.
  • CPU usage details removed, guest_nice item added.
  • Swapping items added.
  • Typo in host screen fixed.


  • Galera group replication latency added.
  • In addition to old wsrep_causal_reads the new wsrep_sync_wait variable was added including the trigger.
  • Non Galera node is not detected as such and gives ugly error message, fixed.


  • Item innodb log write requests and innodb log writes fixed in innodb template.
  • Item InnoDB Trx Log bytes written renamed to InnoDB Log bytes written, graph InnoDB Log Activity removed because it is redundant now.
  • Item innodb_redo_log_capacity added for MySQL 8.0.
  • InnoDB buffer pool wait free trigger has wrong filter for item. fixed.
  • InnoDB Buffer Pool wait for free pages trigger added link to item value.
  • innodb_file_format also removed from template.
  • InnoDB buffer pool wait free trigger added.
  • FromDual.MySQL.innodb.Innodb_data_pending_fsyncs changed from absolute values to change_per_second to make graph useful.
  • Links fixed in triggers for innodb module.


  • DB is soon out of support message downgraded from average to warning.
  • Item name fixed.
  • Link for table open cache trigger adjusted.
  • Trigger for mysql/mariadb support ends was changed from multiple to single to reduce noise.
  • com_call_procedure status counter fixed in module and template.
  • storage_engine item remove from template, processlist item waiting for table level lock fixed.
  • TOC was updated in template and improved and cleaned-up.
  • Unlock table item is not collected any more and trigger was removed, caused useless alerts.
  • Modern TOC handling implemented.


  • Process module refactored, more logging and tests added.
  • Bug in process module fixed: /proc/PID/stat was not parsed correctly.


  • Links fixed in triggers for security module.


  • Binlog event count and binlog avg event size removed from master template because we cannot calculate those values.


  • Backup template duration URL fixed.


  • Packages added for Debian 10, Debian 11, Debian 12, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04, Redhat 8 and Redhat 9.
  • Package bug with fpmmm.ini fixed.
  • Debian build version increased and package build config error fixed again.
  • Debian package revision introduced.
  • Bug in config copy during postinst fixed.
  • Package installation error overwriting fpmmm.conf fixed.

For subscriptions of commercial use of fpmmm please get in contact with us.