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Architecture and Design decisions

When it comes to MariaDB/MySQL Database consulting engagements we often see, that our customers are very confused by many different technologies advertised to them.

Below you will find some simple concepts and ideas we use during our consulting engagements to solve some issues and answer some questions.


Storing BLOBs in the database

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We have sometimes discussions with our customers whether to store LOBs (Large Objects) in the database or not. To not rephrase the arguments again and again I have summarized them in the following lines.

The following items are more or less valid for all large data types (BLOB, TEXT and theoretically also for JSON and GIS columns) stored in a MySQL or MariaDB (or any other relational) database.

BLOB's aus der MySQL Datenbank herausklauben

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Ein Kunde, welcher mit digitalen Zertifikaten zu tun hat, hatte ein Problem mit einem solchen. Also mussten wir nachforschen, was das Problem war.

Weil das Zertifikat in binärer Form vorliegt, ist es in einem BLOB gespeichert und wir mussten es aus der Datenbank herausklauben um einige Tests damit durchzuführen.

Als erstes kam mir in den Sinn, das Zertifikat mit dem Befehl SELECT INTO OUTFILE zu erhalten. Aber das Verifizierungstool reklamierte und sagte uns, dass das Zertifikat ein falsches Format habe.

Dumping BLOB's from the MySQL database

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A customer who is handling digital certificates had a problem with one of those. So we had to investigate.

Because the certificate is in binary form it is stored in a BLOB and we had to extract it from the database to do some verifications.

What first came to my mind was to extract the certificate with the SELECT INTO OUTFILE command. But the verification tool complained and told us that the certificate has a wrong format.

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