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FPMMM check not working

Hi, we have a Zabbix monitoring solution up and running here but now we want to add additional database monitoring. Although I followed your installation guide I was not able to get the database monitoring online. Here I’m checking from my Zabbix installation towards the same host: sudo -u zabbix zabbix_get --host= --source-address= --key="FromDual.MySQL.check" ZBX_NOTSUPPORTED Template is applied to the host configuration. If I fire up the perl script I also receive data in Zabbix but the script will never be executed by the agent neither do I find any errors in agent log.
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Hi handon, In the MPM installation guide I can find this: This means that the item FromDual.MySQL.check is not known to the Zabbix Server. Then you have possibly forgotten to ad the mysql module template to the host you want to monitor. This seems to be not true any more! Now it is the mpm module. We will fix this in the documentation asap! When you have added the mpm module to the/a server and disable/enable it once Zabbix should detect it and start polling the agent. I hope this helps. If not, please let us know! Oli