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MySQL Performance Monitor installation guide for Windows

To install the FromDual's MySQL Performance Monitor (fpmmm) on Windows we first have to install Perl. We recommend to use ActiveState Perl but Strawberry Perl may work as well. The installation is straight forward.

For querying MySQL we have to install some additional Perl modules. You can follow either the official MySQL documentation (which is a bit out of date) or just run the following command:


Then you have to install the modules:

  • DBI
  • DBD-mysql

Now you can already run the MySQL Performance Monitor!

Important: The current release (v0.9) does NOT work yet on Windows without patching the file For more details see here.

Run the fpmmm every minute

To run the fpmmm every minute we need the Windows Task Scheduler. You can schedule your task either by using the command line:

schtasks /create /sc minute /mo 1 /tn "MySQL Performance Monitor" \
/tr "C:\fpmmm\ C:\fpmmm\fpmmm.conf"

or by using the GUI. Go to:

Computer (right click) > Manager > System Tools > Task Scheduler > Crate Task...

FPMMM modules which work

The modules which seem to work at least partially at the moment are:

  • master
  • fpmmm
  • myisam
  • mysql
  • slave

Other modules might work as well...

The modules server and process will not work for sure!