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Technical Overview

The FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB and MySQL (fpmmm) will be hooked into the Zabbix Agent (zabbix_agentd).
It consists of:

  • The Monitor program itself (bin/fpmmm) which controls the other modules and its own module (
  • A Template for the FromDual Performance Monitor Configuration File (tpl/fpmmm.conf.template)
  • And several different modules for monitoring MariaDB/MySQL (lib/FromDual_*.inc)

The FromDual Performance Monitor Architecture looks as follows:



The FromDual Performance Monitor Agent is split into several different Modules. For every Module there is a:

  • Zabbix Template (tpl/templates_*/Template_FromDual.MySQL.*.xml)
  • FromDual Performance Monitor Agent PHP module (lib/FromDual_*.inc)

Each module is for its own specific purpose. Available modules are:

ariaModule to monitor the Aria Storage Engine status variables.
dataModule to monitor database data growth.
drbdModule to monitor DRBD device status information.
errorlogModule to monitor the database Error Log.
fpmmm*Module to monitor the fpmmm Agent itself. This module is mandatory because it triggers the send process.
galeraModule to monitor Galera Cluster.
innodbModule to monitor the InnoDB Storage Engine status variables.
masterModule to monitor a Replication Master in a MariaDB/MySQL Master/Slave Replication.
memcachedModule to monitor MemcacheD services.
myisamModule to monitor the MyISAM Storage Engine status variables.
mysqlModule to monitor general MariaDB/MySQL status variables.
processModule to monitor all kinds of Linux Processes (mysqld, etc.)
securityModule to monitor security rules.
serverModule to monitor a Linux machine (additional items related to database use).
slaveModule to monitor Replication Slaves in a MariaDB/MySQL Master/Slave set-up.
smartModule to query some S.M.A.R.T metrics.
userModule to monitor user behaviour.

* Required modules