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How to make the MySQL Performance Monitor work on Windows?

A customer recently was asking why our FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB and MySQL (fpmmm) is not working on Windows...? The answer is short: It was developed on Linux and never tested on Windows...

But I was wondering how much effort it would take to make it work on Windows as well.

I was quite surprised how fast it was to make the basic functionality working on Windows. It took me less than one hour to install, configure and patch FPMMM.


The file has to be patched at 2 locations. The lock file name must be something understandable by Windows (for example C:\Temp\FromDualMySQLagent.lock. We will fix that in the next FPMMM release.

 40   # Should NOT be hard coded, tofix later!!!
 41   # Does not work on Windows!
 42   my $lAgentLockFile = '/tmp/FromDualMySQLagent.lock';
 43   # Check if lock file already exists and complain if yes
533   # Does not work on Windows!
534   my $lAgentLockFile = '/tmp/FromDualMySQLagent.lock';
535   if ( ! unlink($lAgentLockFile) ) {

There are at least 2 other parts in the code which make troubles. But they can be circumvented by disabling the modules (server and process) respectively configuring FPMMM accordingly.

A basic FPMMM configuration file on Windows

We have used the following basic configuration file:


LogFile       = C:\Users\oli\logs\fpmmm.log
Debug         = 2

CacheFileBase = C:\Users\oli\cache

MaaS          = on
Hash          = <your hash>
Methtode      = http
Url           =


Modules       = fpmmm


In your case there is possibly some more configuration needed. For details please look here.

Now we are quite confident that the next FPMMM release will work more or less with Windows out of the box. If you cannot wait try it out with this hack. More details about installing the FPMMM on Windows you can find here. If you run into problems please report them in the MPM installation on Windows forum. All paying customers can naturally use our support platform.