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MariaDB/MySQL Environment MyEnv 2.0.3 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 2.0.3 of its popular MariaDB, Galera Cluster and MySQL multi-instance environment MyEnv.

The new MyEnv can be downloaded here. How to install MyEnv is described in the MyEnv Installation Guide.

In the inconceivable case that you find a bug in the MyEnv please report it to the FromDual bug tracker.

Any feedback, statements and testimonials are welcome as well! Please send them to

Upgrade from 1.1.x to 2.0

Please look at the MyEnv 2.0.0 Release Notes.

Upgrade from 2.0.x to 2.0.3

shell> cd ${HOME}/product
shell> tar xf /download/myenv-2.0.3.tar.gz
shell> rm -f myenv
shell> ln -s myenv-2.0.3 myenv


If you are using plug-ins for showMyEnvStatus create all the links in the new directory structure:

shell> cd ${HOME}/product/myenv
shell> ln -s ../../utl/oem_agent.php plg/showMyEnvStatus/

Upgrade of the instance directory structure

From MyEnv 1.0 to 2.0 the directory structure of instances has fundamentally changed. Nevertheless MyEnv 2.0 works fine with MyEnv 1.0 directory structures.

Changes in MyEnv 2.0.3


  • MariaDB 10.6 my.cnf hash added and bug in stop instance for fqdn fixed.
  • Function print replaced by output() function.
  • Function checkDataseOld function removed.
  • Functions checkDatabase, startDatabase and stopDatabase replaced by their Instance analogon.
  • Feature: CDPATH added to variables.conf.template pointing to instancedir.
  • Function print replaced by output in function checkMyEnvRequirements.
  • log_warnings commented out in my.cnf.template to make it work with MySQL 8.0.
  • Debug information improved.
  • my.cnf updated with new 8.0 findings.
  • Ubuntu tag fixed.
  • Variable gcache.recover added to template.
  • Error handling changed from procedural style to OO style.
  • Naming of return values fixed.
  • Function my_exec made variable naming more clear.
  • InnoDB monitor enabled by default.
  • Constants made more human readable.
  • Variable sync_binlog in my.cnf template adjusted to reasonable value.
  • my.cnf template updated to newest state.
  • New MySQL 5.7 Ubuntu repo hash for my.cnf added.
  • Package php-posix replaced by php-process on Redhat/CentOS.
  • Branch Homebrew added to extract Branch for MacOS.
  • Function formatTime added.
  • Comments changed from php5 to php7.
  • New MySQL 8.0 tmp schema #innodb_temp added to hideschema parameter.
  • Socket is right now when port is not 3306.
  • New interfaces for start/stopping instances and code cleaned up.

MyEnv Installer

  • Skipping init script is possible now in installMyEnv.
  • Instance proposal is now checked if it already exists in add instance in installMyEnv.
  • On Debian systems now systemd unit file advice is shown as well instead of initV files advice in installMyEnv.

MyEnv Utilities

  • Using a password on the command line hack replace by better solution for some utilities.
  • Utility added.
  • Utilities: connect_times.php and added.
  • Utilities: mixed_test.php, binlog_push.php and binlog_apply.php added.
  • VIP v2 start stop script added (
  • Utility netstat.php added.
  • Utility insert_test.bat added and is working now like on Linux.
  • made more flexible to run modify column command.
  • insert_test.php made ready for new 5.7/8.0 timestamp behaviour.
  • Utility connect_test.php added.
  • MySQL Group Replication monitor mad configurable and output made nicer.

For subscriptions of commercial use of MyEnv please get in contact with us.