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New version of FromDual's Performance Monitor for MySQL (MPM) v0.7.2 is out

On December 2nd 2011 FromDual released the new version v0.7.2 of its Performance Monitor for MySQL. The new version can be downloaded from here.

The Performance Monitor for MySQL is an agent which is hooked into the agent of the well known Monitoring solution called Zabbix. Zabbix is an integrated Enterprise Monitoring solution which can produce performance graphs and alerting.

The changes in the new release are:

New functionality

  • A new module for Galera was added (mainly Galera 0.8).
  • A new module for the MySQL Performance Monitor (mpm) was added.
  • Information about InnoDB Row Locking was added (status and graph).
  • Some MySQL variables were added for monitoring (customer request).
  • Triggers for some of those MySQL variables are implemented (customer request).

Changed functionality

  • MPM agent hook (FromDual.MySQL.check) was moved from the mysql module to the mpm module. To call the MPM agent you have to run the mpm module only once per monitored server (computer).
  • Path to the MPM agent libraries is not hard coded anymore but follows $basedir/lib now. The MPM can now be located anywhere... (customer request)
  • The MPM cache file is now configurable.
  • The MPM agent is prepared for Deadlock and Foreign Key Error detection (customer request).
  • Name collision in the server module fixed (customer bug report).
  • Old style basename code replace by new Perl style.


  • Security fix in the MPM agent (password is no longer displayed in the log file).
  • Some fixes in different XML templates.
  • Some fixes in the ndb, memcached, aria, drbd and server module.
  • Some fixes in the MPM agent.