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MySQL and MariaDB beginner training

You are new in the field of relational SQL databases and have the task to get familiar with MySQL oder MariaDB. This training teaches you the basics of MySQL.


You are ideally already familiar with the SQL language and know-how to use Linux or Windows systems.


  • Future MySQL application developer
  • MySQL and MariaDB database administrators
  • System administrators with MySQL database responsibility


  • Installation of MySQL
  • Configuration of MySQL
  • Starting and stopping of MySQL
  • MySQL applications and the command line
  • Creating database schemata and user
  • MySQL architecture and storage engines
  • Managing user privileges
  • Security and upgrade
  • Backup, restore and Recovery
  • Monitoring of MySQL
  • MySQL log files
  • Non standard compliant MySQL special commands


2 days

Booking trainings

Trainings for Germany can be booked on-line here and trainings in Switzerland here.

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