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What are the costs of one hour MySQL downtime?


there are companies which earn tens of thousands of Euros per hour with their MySQL databases. Other companies operate their ERP system on MySQL, to which 1000 employees are attached to. Is the database down 1000 people are not working any more until the system is working again! Downtime costs starting at EUR 30'000.- per hour upwards.

Support through the MySQL specialists?

These companies have properly planned operations of their MySQL databases, designed their production systems redundantly and assured their support through MySQL specialists with a support contract, is oneself thinking.
Far wrong: Ever and ever we can see companies, which operates their MySQL databases without planning, no redundancy and external support.

In an emergency, mostly the own employees lack in experience, lack in exercising and because they have to care about all other systems as well, they are overburdened in such a situation and would like to call a MySQL specialist for assistance.

Lower the costs!

Downtime of your MySQL databases is expensive! Thus it makes sense, to let review these systems by our MySQL remote-DBA specialists or MySQL consultants early to ensure secure and reliable operations.

In addition databases should be monitored pro-actively. With monitoring you can recognize problems already early and prevent a system outage. This can be achieved for example with the MySQL Performance Monitor of FromDual.

For fast assistance of our MySQL support specialists a support contact with FromDual for your MySQL databases is taking care off. The rapid response of our specialists allows you, to reduce your downtime and minimize the damage as much as possible.

Support for MySQL databases

FromDual offers you support for your production databases. This support covers, depending on the criticality of your database and your needs, working hours or around the clock (24x7).

Our team will take care of your problems individually and directly through different communication channels, including phone, remote viewer and remote login.

Support for MySQL High-Availabilty Cluster

If you have designed your MySQL database redundantly and highly available we can offer you support for Galera Cluster for MySQL. Galera Cluster achieves more than 99.99% availability (52 minutes of downtime per year).

Development-Support for MySQL

Are you not operating MySQL databases yourself but developing solutions for MySQL, our development support is exactly the right solution for you. If your developers hit a technical problem or have a technical question, our support team is pleased to answer your question after conferring with our consulting team.

Tools to support MySQL operations

If you are a FromDual support customer you are eligible to use our MySQL Performance Monitoring (mpm) solution, our MySQL Environment (MyEnv) for multi instance set-ups and our MySQL HA manager solution to operate your MySQL databases.

Become active now and take operations of your business critical MySQL databases serious! FromDual will support you with one of our MySQL support contracts...
If you are interested we will get in touch with you soon.

Your FromDual Support and remote-DBA Team

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