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Configuration of focmm

To configure the FromDual Ops Center go to the Configuration menu:

The Ops Center Configuration Menu

Ssh Public Key

Ops Center relies on ssh to securely access your servers. Thus it is necessary for Ops Center to have its own ssh keys to avoid password prompts:

Ssh public key is missing

Typically Ops Center cannot create itself the necessary files and needs your help:

Ssh key creation leads to an error

Create the required files as follows and try again:

Ubuntu 14.04:

mkdir /var/www/.ssh
chown www-data: /var/www/.ssh

CentOS 7 / Redhat 7:

mkdir /usr/share/httpd/.ssh
chown apache: /usr/share/httpd/.ssh

If everything was successful it should look as follows:

Ssh key created

License Information

FromDual Ops Center is free of costs for non-commercial use. For commercial use you need a license of FromDual. To confirm that you are using Ops Center correctly you have to add the License Key.

To request a new License Key click on one of the links:

Ops Center License Key request

When you have added the license key you get an overview over the systems you are eligible to use with Ops Center:

Ops Center Licenses overview


Ops Center needs the systems crontab to run some periodical jobs. For this you have to add the jobs to the crontab.

If you are done it should look like this:

Ops center Crontab Jobs


The menu item Repository provides mainly information about Ops Center versions and where the configuration file is stored. This is primarily needed if you have a support request with FromDual.

Ops Center Repository Information


If you hit a bug with FromDual tools or if you have a feature request you can add them to our Bug database.

Feature requests

The same for feature requests:

Ops Center Feature Requests


Currently there is only one user called admin available to operate FromDual Ops Center.

Ops Center Users

After logging in you should change this users default password (admin) to something nobody has access to and can guess. This admin user is a very powerful user which has full rights over all your databases!

Ops Center Users Password