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Replication overview

The replication overview of a new (= empty) Ops Center looks as follows:

Empty replication overview

Add or edit replication

When you clicked Add Replication you get a mask where you can specify a MySQL replication set-up:

Add or edit a replication

In the mask to add or edit a replication you have to enter:

  • a replication name (this name must be unique in your company).
  • the type of replication (Master/Master or Master/Slave).
  • which database is the master.
  • which databases are Slaves and specify their specific master.

Replication overview

In the replication overview you can see all the replication set-ups you have under Ops Center control:

Replication overview

Replication configuration overview

In the replication configuration overview you edit or delete a replication again or just remove one slave:

Replication checks

In the replication checks tab you get all the important information of the master and all its slaves:

Replication checks

Replication operations

In the replication operations tab you get a short overview over the master and the slave and you can run some control commands for the slave like:

  • Stopping slave
  • Change slave to new master
  • Skip events on slave
  • Reset slave and
  • Start slave

Replication operations

Change Master

When you set-up a new slave or when you want to change a slave to a new master you have to click the Change Master operations option. Then you get the possibility for changing all the connect parameters for a new master:

Change master