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Architecture and Design decisions

When it comes to MariaDB/MySQL Database consulting engagements we often see, that our customers are very confused by many different technologies advertised to them.

Below you will find some simple concepts and ideas we use during our consulting engagements to solve some issues and answer some questions.


Storing BLOBs in the database

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We have sometimes discussions with our customers whether to store LOBs (Large Objects) in the database or not. To not rephrase the arguments again and again I have summarized them in the following lines.

The following items are more or less valid for all large data types (BLOB, TEXT and theoretically also for JSON and GIS columns) stored in a MySQL or MariaDB (or any other relational) database.

MySQL out in the wild

One of our partners recently asked me on what platforms do we usually see MySQL installed out there...

The last 5 years I gave the answer: Typically it is 80% Linux, 10% Windows, 5% Solaris and 5% all others. But this was only the picture of my limited view and I was not sure how objective this was.

This time I really wanted to know it and so I collected the information of about 570 MySQL installations of customers.

The following numbers came out:

MySQL Architectures Overview

Database Architecture & Design

Application logic in the middle tier?

Reduce money spent on software licenses by moving logic to the middle tier. This means moving stored procedures into the application server or web server layer where it is much cheaper to scale out. Reducing or eliminating business logic running in the DB may reduce Database CPU utilisation and hence save support costs for the DB Portability is key! [1]


MySQL pluggable Storage Engines (SE)

One of the big advantages of MySQL is its concept of Pluggable Storage Engines. This means you can choose the most optimal Storage Engine for your needs. This also has a disadvantage: You have to know what you are doing...

If you need some help deciding which is the right Storage Engine or even strategy for you or if you want us to make an independent and vendor neutral comparison of those Storage Engines consider our FromDual Consulting Services!

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