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MariaDB sys Schema

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The MySQL sys Schema is a cool thing and was mostly developed by Mark Leith and Jesper Wisborg Krogh from Oracle/MySQL.

MySQL sys Schema in MariaDB 10.2

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MySQL has introduced the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA (P_S) in MySQL 5.5 and made it really usable in MySQL 5.6 and added some enhancements in MySQL 5.7 and 8.0.

FOSDEM 2016 - MySQL slides about PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA available

The FOSDEM 2016 in Brussels (Belgium) January 29/30 is over and was very interesting and IMHO a big success.

For all those who could not participate at FOSDEM 2016 our presentation slides about PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA and sys schema are available here:

PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA and sys schema - What can we do with it? (PDF, 406 kbyte)

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