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MariaDB Security Risk Matrix

MariaDB Vulnerabilities

CVE# Product Component Protocol Remote
CVSS VERSION 3.0 RISK (see Risk Matrix Definitions) Versions Affected

Oracle releases MySQL security vulnerability fixes 2018-01

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As in every quarter of the year Oracle has released yesterday its recommendation for the MySQL security updates. This is called, in Oracle terminology, Critical Patch Update (CPU) Advisory.

This CPU is published for all Oracle products. But FromDual is only interested in MySQL related topics. So let us concentrate on those.

MySQL and MariaDB authentication against pam_unix

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The PAM authentication plugin is an extension included in MySQL Enterprise Edition (since 5.5) and in MariaDB (since 5.2).

Non-standard database set up with SELinux

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What is SELinux?

The Security-Enhanced Linux is an extension to the Linux Kernel, made by the NSA (National Security Agency). It implements Mandatory Access Controls (MAC), which allow an administrator to define, how applications and users can access resources on a system.

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