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DOAG Reagionaltreffen in München - 23. März 2011

Wir sind am DOAG Regionaltreffen in München am Mittwoch den 23. März mit unserem Vortrag MySQL Replikation - Scale-Out, Master-Master, Backup (der Vortrag wird in deutscher Sprache gehalten).


FromDual releases new version of its MySQL Performance Monitor

FromDual releases its new version v0.5 of its MySQL Performance Monitor working with Zabbix.

What has changed so far in this release:

MySQL Client Error Codes and Messages 2050 - 2099

2000 - 2049
  • Error: 2050 (CR_FETCH_CANCELED)

    Message: Row retrieval was canceled by mysql_stmt_close() call

  • Error: 2051 (CR_NO_DATA)

    Message: Attempt to read column without prior row fetch


MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1700 - 1749

1650 - 1699 2000 - 2049

    Message: GRANT with IDENTIFIED WITH is illegal because the user %-.*s already exists


MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1650 - 1699

1600 - 1649 1700 - 1749

    Message: The requested server id %d clashes with the slave startup option --replicate-same-server-id


MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1500 - 1549

1450 - 1499 1550 - 1599

    Message: It is only possible to mix RANGE/LIST partitioning with HASH/KEY partitioning for subpartitioning


MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1400 - 1449

1350 - 1399 1450 - 1499

    Message: XAER_OUTSIDE: Some work is done outside global transaction

  • Error: 1401 SQLSTATE: XAE03 (ER_XAER_RMERR)


MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1250 - 1299

1200 - 1249 1300 - 1349

MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1200 - 1249

1150 - 1199 1250 - 1299

  • Error: 1200 SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_BAD_SLAVE)
    Message: The server is not configured as slave; fix in config file or with CHANGE MASTER TO

    How does the MySQL error message look like?


MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1150 - 1199

1100 - 1149 1200 - 1249

MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1000 - 1049

1050 - 1099
  • Error: 1000 SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_HASHCHK)

    Message: hashchk

  • Error: 1001 SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_NISAMCHK)

    Message: isamchk


MySQL Error codes and messages

Just a general rule with error messages: Usually they are not as good as they could be. But never the less read them carefully. Most of the time they tell you what you need to know...

And an other wisdom: Errors are really errors and they have to be solved. Warnings are warnings and you should investigate if they appear. Do not ignore both of them unless you have clearly understood what you are doing.

With MySQL:


is often your friend! Further sources to find the problems are:


MyEnv für Multi-Datenbank Set-ups

Vor ein paar Wochen haben wir einem unserer Kunden unser MyEnv gezeigt. Er war sehr interessiert daran und hat uns geraten MyEnv einer breiten Öffentlichkeit bekannter zu machen. In Tat und Wahrheit ist das MyEnv bereits seit mehreren Jahren verfügbar und kann frei heruntergeladen werden...

MyEnv for MySQL Multi-Database set-ups

This week I showed one of my customers our MyEnv. He was very interested in it and suggested to make it known in public. In fact MyEnv is available for download already several years...

But I did not have the heart yet to announce it more publicly because it was not end user ready at all. So I used the weekend to make it nicer, consolidated some of the code, dropped old stuff etc. Now I think it is acceptable to use for public but not perfect.

FromDual plans Advanced MySQL DBA Workshop

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With one of its partners FromDual plans to offer an Advanced MySQL DBA Workshop. The first workshop should run in November 2010. To offer the best possible contents to the participants we want your feedback about the proposed topics, about the missing topics and what you think in general about such a workshop. Please let us know your opinion. Either as comment on our web-site or for our eyes only at Feedback. Thank you for your participation.

FromDual plant einen MySQL DBA Workshop für Fortgeschrittene

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FromDual plant, mit einem seiner Partner, einen MySQL DBA Workshop für Fortgeschrittene anzubieten. Die erste Durchführung soll im November 2010 erfolgen. Um den Teilnehmern den bestmöglichen Inhalt anbieten zu können, würden wir gerne Ihre Meinung über den geplanten Inhalt, fehlende Punkte und was Sie im allgemeinen über diesen Workshop denken, hören.

Advanced MySQL DBA Workshop - draft

With a partner we are planning and Advanced MySQL DBA workshop. As the name says it should be a workshop. Its planned duration is 2 days. So within 2 days we can cover 4 to 8 topics more deeply.

Requirements: VirtualBox, VMware, own Laptop?



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