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MariaDB sys Schema

The MySQL sys Schema is a cool thing and was mostly developed by Mark Leith and Jesper Wisborg Krogh from Oracle/MySQL. The sys Schema is based on the somehow cryptic MySQL PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA which was developed by Oracle/MySQL as well.

The sys Schema is: "A collection of views, functions and procedures to help MySQL administrators get insight in to MySQL Database usage."

Unfortunately the sys Schema was not ported from MySQL to MariaDB by the company MariaDB Corp. so far. So a good opportunity to act as a community...

In the beginning the sys Schema was hosted on GitHub: mysql/mysql-sys. So we could take the sys Schema from there for MariaDB. But since 3 years ago no more changes appeared on GitHub. It seems like the project was abandoned.

According to a well informed source the project on GitHub is not dead but the developers have just been working on other priorities. And the source announced another release soon (they are working on it at the moment). This statement was made in March 2018 and since then no progress happened.

We can further see that in the meanwhile the MySQL sys Schema has changed from version 1.6.0 to 2.0.0 without any changes on GitHub. So we think the project is really abandoned on GitHub and declared dead.

Because we had in the past many discussions with customers about the sys Schema for MariaDB, FromDual decided to fork the MySQL sys Schema project.

Yesterday we have forked the MySQL sys Schema to the MariaDB sys Schema. And over time it is our intention to port all possible changes to MariaDB sys Schema.

You can find our actual work on GitHub at: FromDual/mariadb-sys.

The current version contains a working fork of MySQL 5.6 sys Schema / v1.5.1. To make it work we had to fix a few little things but now the MariaDB sys Schema is working for MariaDB from version 10.0 up to MariaDB version 10.4.

Community: Please try out MariaDB sys Schema, find bugs, describe how to provoke the problem and report those bugs on GitHub and ideally also provide some fixes...

Our first experiments with MariaDB sys Schema in March 2018 is described here: MySQL sys Schema in MariaDB 10.2.

If you need any MariaDB related help please contact our MariaDB consulting team...

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