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FromDual releases new version of its MySQL Performance Monitor

FromDual releases its new version v0.5 of its MySQL Performance Monitor working with Zabbix.

What has changed so far in this release:

  • Recommended Location has changed to /usr/local
  • FromDual agent log files are rotated now.
  • There are now 2 different packages: One for the Agent and one for the Templates.
  • Some of the graphs were improved.
  • Missing status and system variable information were added and some were fixed.
  • Verbosity of logging information was adjusted.
  • A module for monitoring additional informations for Linux servers was added.
  • Agent caches now the data if it has no access to server. This gives the possibility to run the agent without an installed Zabbix Server and load the data later on off-site.
  • Start/stop scripts for running Zabbix agent and server under the mysql user were added.
  • Status information for the Aria Storage Engine were added.

The MySQL Performance Monitor is free of costs and the modules are offered under GPL.

You can get it from our download page.

If you find some problems or have suggestions to improve this solution please let us know about.


Hi On your download page you have both this Zabbix based performance monitor, and the Nagios plugins. Since I've used neither, it would be interesting to read a separate blog post comparing the two. Also, you say this is free of charge and offered under the GPL. Does this now include also the InnoDB monitoring, or just MySQL Server without InnoDB?
Henrik Ingocomment

Hi Henrik, Yes great idea! Basically the differences are: Zabbix is an integrated Monitoring and Alerting solution where Nagios is an Alerting Solution with Monitoring modules. Zabbix is technologically newer than Nagios. I have heard from some customers that they are not happy with how Fixes and Changes are included into Nagios. Incinga is a fork of Nagios and seems to address these problems. More information you can find in the discussion: Can some one recommend some good monitoring tools for administration and checking server status? And in our MySQL Monitoring Solution summary. Our modules for Aria, Master, MyISAM, MySQL, PBXT, Processes, Linux Server, Slave and XtraDB are under the GPL and free of Charge. The modules for InnoDB and NDB are free of Charge for FromDual customers or they can be purchased for a small amount of money. If you do not like to spend money you can spend in time and build your own modules. Zabbix is a great architecture because you are very flexible and can build whatever you like yourself.