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fpmmm Triggers and Rules

fpmmm Version is old

You are using an old version of the FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB and MySQL (fpmmm). Please consider using a more recent version.


InnoDB Log Buffer is too small for large transactions

Your InnoDB Redo Log Buffer is too small for large transactions. Make the InnoDB Redo Log Buffer (innodb_log_buffer_size) bigger if you have enough RAM available to avoid additional I/O.
1 Mibyte is good for databases with small transactions. 8 Mibyte is good for medium size transactions. 64 MiByte is good for large transactions.


InnoDB plugin is enabled

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<p>InnoDB plugin is enabled.</p>

InnoDB Foreign Key error detected

MySQL (InnoDB, PBXT, NDB, TokuDB) support Foreign Keys to show relatations between tables. Those relations can be enforced through Foreign Key Constraints.

Foreign Key Constraint Errors are always either a bug in your application (which should be fixed) or inconsistencies in your data (which should be fixed) or both (first fix the bug in the application, then clean-up your data).

Foreign Key Constraint Errors can be found with the following command:

Table definition cache too small

The number of table definitions (SHOW CREATE TABLE\G) that can be stored in the table definition cache (table_definition_cache). If you have a large number of tables (> 400) in your database instance, you should consider a larger table definition cache to increase your database throughput and decrease your query latency.

Table open cache too small

The Table Open Cache (table_open_cache or old name table_cache) is a cache to store file handles for all threads. The actual value of cache entries can be seen with the global status of open tables (Open_tables).
Increasing table_open_cache increases the number of file descriptors (open_files_limit) that MySQL requires.

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